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In order to separate students into different language levels of proficiency in Mandarin, please be prepared to tell us your language level. There are four language proficiency levels, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Superior, in speaking, listening, reading and writing. The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) has defined these levels in its Proficiency Guidelines

Before entering the online registration, please read through the definition of ACTFL's Language Proficiency.

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There are eight schools currently participating in this program. The "School Profiles" section includes the schools' information.

Please click the following button to begin registration.

Please mail a your tuition check, $100 nonrefundable if mailed before May 18, 2007 or $200 nonrefundable if mailed thereafter, and make the check payable to SCCCS at the following address:

5201 Bransford Drive
La Palma, CA. 90623

Because we have a limited number of spots, your check will not be deposited until you are selected to be in this program. Each participating school will set its own selection criteria based on mixing students' various language backgrounds in order to create the best learning environment.

If you are qualified for waiving the tuition fee, you will still be required to mail a deposit of $15. The deposit will be refunded only if the student is never absent and completes all assignments during this program. Qualifying students must also have a school consultant send a letter as proof of qualification as a low income family. You must also send an official school transcript and a copy of your family's 2006 Income Tax Return.